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melindavang@hellokitty (8 years ago)
Cute video ^^

ripplecloud@hellokitty (10 years ago)
Hi diamondinthewater, thanks a lot! ^^
some of the screenshots I took in the
game, the others from SanrioTown. I
edited them in PhotoShop and imported
them in Dream Studio. All the effects
and transitions were totally done using

i mean how sorry faulty keyboard

ho did you do that it is sooo cool!!!!!

ripplecloud@hellokitty (10 years ago)
Thanks biyiboyilove, fluffy_cake,
natsuko123 ^^ I want to play the game
too! But open beta will only be next
year :( Do keep visiting to find out
when there will be a closed beta again,
or visit the HKO forum at Have fun!

natsuko123@hellokitty (10 years ago)
i want to play hello kitty online

fluffy_cake@mymelody (10 years ago)
nice vid!! ^.^

biyiboyilove@mymelody (10 years ago)
Hello There!!! I wonder when that
comes. I am so happy I knew that that
was coming!!! plz add me Thank You For
Sharing your video with Us. plz add me if
you dont know my name check here.

ripplecloud@hellokitty (10 years ago)
omg it's Tallest!!!! It's been a long
time since I last heard from you!!! Hope
you are keeping fine ^^... did you ever
get my email?

Thank you very much sailoria, noliai,
fairlady-z, yoshisland, MNE, littlebby ^^

lovewanda1 - the game is currently
closed. Nobody can get in. I'm sure
there will be an announcement once it's
available. Meanwhile you can check out
the hellokittyonline forum at -

Have a good day everyone :)

littlebby@mymelody (10 years ago)

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00:43 (10 years ago)
By: ripplecloud@hellokitty [ Visit ripplecloud's blog ]
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this took longer than I thought... heehee ^^.. can't wait for the game to start? Check out the HKO forum!

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