Unicorn Fantasy
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snowy_budgie@hellokitty (4 years ago)
Im not a fan of unicorns either but I just
love the pictures.

meenadaae@hellokitty (4 years ago)
i think it is good 2. not 2 fond of the song
though, but thats because its in a
different language. 5 stars and fave

chica45@hellokitty (4 years ago)
i love unicorns!

perfectpanda37@mymelody (4 years ago)
nice ayumi hamasaki finally sings a song
that isnt weird(besides step you) and me
no fan of unicorns..but i liked it♥

lisepooh@hellokitty (4 years ago)
i lov3 unicorns and this video song

babyoshiduck@mymelody (4 years ago)
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¸„ø¤º°¨Paste ``°º¤ø„¸ OK
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OK/ it was good but a waste of time for
unicorn non lovers

cutiecub@hellokitty (4 years ago)
-_- its ok for people who LIKE unicorns.
But for people who dont just dont watch
it... I think its pretty good. good job

mimingo22@mymelody (4 years ago)
I hate unicorns and i agree with
clairegrace,it is stupid.what is she even

aleena_kitty@mymelody (4 years ago)
the video aint stupid clairegrace you are
so stop commenting on her videos they
arent stupid

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