A Cinnamoroll Love Story
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it does kinda go like the song i am a
Cascada lovr!!!

aww!! soo cute and touching!!!! ^__^

mymelody246@kuririnmail (8 years ago)
awww so cute! its wonderful!:)

pauline_2008@mymelody (8 years ago)
Actually, I am kind of starting to like
Espresso and Mocha together for some
strange reason. Maybe Cinnamoroll and
Chiffon should just end up together. XD

rachaelle@hellokitty (8 years ago)
i just love this video it made me cry
the first time music love it more and
more :) video just so in to it your
videos are awsome make more and more

izzy1057@mymelody (8 years ago)
kawaii five stars

brb1006@mymelody (8 years ago)
when mocha is cupped along with chiffon

brb1006@mymelody (8 years ago)
can you make a valentines day special

brb1006@mymelody (8 years ago)
can you email

daddygalmomsbb@mymelody (8 years ago)

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About this video
01:22 (9 years ago)
By: pauline_2008@mymelody [ Visit pauline_2008's blog ]
Views: 15510

Drawing in MS Paint sure is hard! Anyway, I made another Love Story, but it's Mocha who's the main character here. Since I've been addicted to the song of Last Christmas, I kept on singing it at school when the idea came to me. A Love Story of Mocha! It's a bit like my Last Christmas video, but this vid has some resamblance to my other video, "Cinnamoroll and Usahana's Love". But that had some wrong grammer and such. (Especially in the description!) So, I made this an improved version. I changed the song "Everytime we Touch (Slow)" to "Breakaway" by Kelly Clarkson, so I can use a different song instead of always "Everytime we Touch". Oh, and some of you may have noticed that Chiffon is usually the one that interrupts, but Chiffon is the only girl that could rival Mocha, so don't go hating Chiffon. Anyway, hope you enjoy! (I never knew Mocha and Espresso could be together, though!)

Tags: sanrio rain espresso story mocha friends cascada kelly chiffon we princess milk white breakaway brown flower diaries yellow cinnamoroll song cappuccino orange puppy everytime sanriotown clarkson touch love cute soundtrack
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