Kawaii Piggies
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kawaii batachan

cupcakey@mymelody (7 years ago)
love it!!!!! :) :) :) :)

gretelm@hellokitty (7 years ago)
Sweet video, we adore pigs.
Remember that pigs are for lovin'
and not for the oven!

these pigs are sooooo cute
(")_(") dont listen to the haters pigs are
super cute and so are bunnies :D
\(>o<)/ lolz he he he :) :D

audreen123@hellokitty (8 years ago)
cute piggies!

ripley1234@hellokitty (8 years ago)
lol i love the piggie food! the burger
looks awesome XDDDD

snowy_budgie@hellokitty (8 years ago)
Thanks! XD
Normally I dont get many comments on
these videos, I just recently bought a
cute piggie book for about £2 just
pictures but I got a voucher for it so it
was £1 off :)

Amazing!!!!! Love those piggies.

kiragirl@hellokitty (8 years ago)
beautiful song <3 pigs are so cute i
never realised

meenadaae@hellokitty (8 years ago)
(")_(") That doesnt sound weird
daddysgirl12347 :D

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About this video
03:15 (10 years ago)
By: snowy_budgie@hellokitty [ Visit snowy_budgie's blog ]
Views: 14265

The worlds cutest piggies! enjoy and dont ask for the title of the song I have no clue I just downloaded it sorry if you wanted to know. But I hope you like the video! Now I have added even more cute pictures of the sweetheart piggies!

Tags: piggie melody piggies hello kitty warm my kawaii baby aww pigs special sparkle sweet sassy amazing music kitty animals mp3 snowy_budgie amusing kuririn hello sweetheart best cute adore funny wonderful pink awww cool kazmi adorable loving lovely my melody pig shereen kazmi cuddly beautiful twinkle shereen japanese japan
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