HKO Trailer Entry #1
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elench@hellokitty (6 years ago)
creative and fun. Loved Badtz's
intervention to save us from Rick!

nikki85@hellokitty (6 years ago)
ya....i like the style

sarramaria@hellokitty (6 years ago)
haha! we got Rickrolled! That was awesome!

havel@hellokitty (6 years ago)
really funny...excellent humor, love it!

sierradragon@hellokitty (6 years ago)
wicked! Looks good AND humor to boot!

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About this video
01:39 (6 years ago)
By: bakaohki@hellokitty [ Visit bakaohki's blog ]
Views: 2748

Here's my first entry for the Hello Kitty MMORPG Trailer Contest. Added frames before and after the video, which I created in Windows Movie Maker, to try to get the video to upload without being cut off. Video can be made available on YouTube by request.

Tags: hkocontest
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