SilverLynx and Hello Kitty - for the MMORPG beta contest!
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coolgirl56@hellokitty (8 years ago)
awwwww i wanna cry its sooo sad for
me :_) but its so good i always love

kazeme@hellokitty (11 years ago)
I love the music.. mm trance <3 Great
video! You never know, maybe one day you
and your friend will unite again ^__^

Oh, and thanks for the comment :)

silverlynx@hellokitty (11 years ago)
If I did meet her in the beta it would
be a very interesting time for me. Since
I moved I lost contact with her
completely. Calling her on the telephone
would have been long distance, and at
the time I didn't know how to write, so
I didn't think of getting her address.
We never went back up north until much,
much later, and by that time the store
her parents owned was gone. So I never
saw her again. I'm getting a little
weepy remembering.

All I really have is Hello Kitty and a
few other little things like songs we
sang together and candies we used to eat.

I will not put her name up here because
I don't want people going crazy looking
her up - it would be a sort of invasion
of her privacy. But I am still looking
for her. Hopefully she hasn't changed
her name!

towlie@hellokitty (11 years ago)
Awesome video -- best of luck! It's
awesome finding other girls with beta
testing + MMORPG experiences. Hey,
maybe you'll find your old best friend
in the game..? : )

jj1212@hellokitty (11 years ago)
Do you still have communication with
your friend?

the_rock_out@hellokitty (11 years ago)
oh this is nice. great music too, btw,
did you ever see your friend again?

jumpfive@hellokitty (11 years ago)
That's so sweet that your love for Hello
Kitty is something rooted in friendship.:)

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About this video
02:04 (11 years ago)
By: silverlynx@hellokitty [ Visit silverlynx's blog ]
Views: 3254

A short story about the first time I encountered Hello Kitty - and why I would like to be the the beta for the Hello Kitty MMORPG!

Tags: trance hello kitty beta dance world of warcraft mmorpg pencil case south park products
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