hello kitty of borg
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hippolyta@hellokitty (10 years ago)
I really like Battlestar Gallactica!
It's a great show.

crystalcasa@hellokitty (10 years ago)
you combined my two favorite things,
star trek and hello kitty. loves! <3

belleclau@mymelody (10 years ago)
ja ja ja!!! that's so funny "20/20"

meshal7777777@hellokitty (10 years ago)
that was funny

clinhpham@hellokitty (10 years ago)
Lol. I love it! So funny! Great
creativity! Hope ya get in!

ysiu@hellokitty (10 years ago)
good job

hippolyta@hellokitty (10 years ago)
Great Video! 5/5

mandoo@hellokitty (10 years ago)
wow omg lol (:

spacemancow@hellokitty (10 years ago)
heh, wow. i didnt expect anyone would
really watch it or i would have taken
the time to add some music. thanks for
all the comments :)

you should add some enterprise music in
there, then it would be great!

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00:39 (10 years ago)
By: spacemancow@hellokitty [ Visit spacemancow's blog ]
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in the grim future of hello kitty there is only war.

Tags: mmorpg
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