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jlneve@hellokitty (9 years ago)
Pretty neat! I wanted to be in HKO, but I
guess I won't now. They never sent an
email back to me.

xxbronwynxx@hellokitty (10 years ago)
do u think u can make an istrucational

cuddlybunny45@hellokitty (10 years ago)

fluffy_cake@mymelody (10 years ago)

igoddess@hellokitty (10 years ago)
I fast fowarded it because all of it
wouldn't have fitted ^^;;
But i guess i could've cut some parts
out you know x]
Still this is my first video! Thanks for
Your opinion :] <3

bunnywinx@mymelody (10 years ago)
Really well done! Although the fast-
forward motion takes away from the
overall flow in several areas. Still, this is
one of the better trailer entries I've seen!

hkotest5800@hellokitty (10 years ago)
Cute video :]

Good luck on the contest :)

igoddess@hellokitty (10 years ago)
Thank you veedee ^^

veedee@hellokitty (10 years ago)
Funny intro, cute video.:D Good luck on
the contest!

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About this video
02:26 (10 years ago)
By: igoddess@hellokitty [ Visit igoddess's blog ]
Views: 6889

My first video for the HKO trailer contest :] Constructive Criticism is welcomed. ~~~~~ There's some mistakes in the video, but i won't bother to fix them :] Enjoy~<3

Tags: hkocontest trailer contest hello kitty hko
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