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vampireyuris@hellokitty (3 years ago)
I read all the books from Twilight and
they are wonderful!The movie could be
better!OK,it's a little boring their
love.But the books are better than the

tigerlily123@hellokitty (4 years ago)
To tallyent
because a lot of my friends love
twilight. I was just making a judgement
on THE BOOK! The movie was moderately
good, especially that they added in the
fight. I think Stephanie Meyer isn't
that much of a talented writer cos I
bought her book the host (to try it out
cos i heard it was better than twilight)
and it was just too ongoing and LONG.

tallyent@mymelody (4 years ago)
tigelily if you hte twilight so much then
wh r u watching this?

chloerosem@hellokitty (4 years ago)

tigerlily123@hellokitty (4 years ago)
I thought the twilight books were really
stupid. I mean, he only loves her
because he wants to eat her because she
smells so good to him. And she only
loves him because he has the good looks
and perfect manners and stuff. And there
is no adventure in the books. They put
the fight in in the movie! I thought the
movie was better than the book, and it
isn't usual for the movie to be better
than the book. The movie was quite good,
but the books were crap.

crystal909@hellokitty (4 years ago)
Oh my god... I love Twilight, thanks for
posting!! :)

chuckelpuck09@hellokitty (5 years ago)
That movie is great!!!!! I cant wait 4
new moon

vampire7_2010@hellokitty (5 years ago)
i luv twilight so much!!!!!IM A TWILIGHT

I love twilight, the book is way better
though, but still..... What other movie
could be better? well, i do suspect new
moon will be, but its not out till
november in britan:(. i cant wait till
breaking dawn comes out:)

cindi8727@hellokitty (5 years ago)
i love this movie !!!!!

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Trailer for the "Twilight" movie.

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