amused applies to hko closed beta
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orcraider@hellokitty (11 years ago)
hello kitty pvp at my blog orcs
vs. kitty

kozukak2@hellokitty (11 years ago)
haha i was high warlord in WoW also ^^
pvp is just so funny shame after being
high warlord the game stopped :/ nothing
much to do tbh. cya ingame then we go
raid haha ;p you take the farm ;)

baldee@hellokitty (11 years ago)
Good luck on the WoW to Hello Kitty

clouded@hellokitty (11 years ago)
Thank you for the cool comments guys, I
hope you all get in too so we can play
together and have lots of happy fun.

also cool beans on omnislash on first
trip! it's almost the same thing! yaaaay!

arcsis@hellokitty (11 years ago)
Hmm that was the premise for my video...
that I play WoW. Back to t he drawing
board. :P
OH! I got omnislash in my 1st trip to
gold saucer! It took forever but I did
it. :D

drukia@hellokitty (11 years ago)
You're definitely worthy of joining the
beta. But being the best in all aspects
of the game... Hehehe...

There are fellow WoW'ers out there...

ypsilonsiu@hellokitty (11 years ago)
good idea, get a lot of people to watch
the video and you'll get noticed!

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01:52 (11 years ago)
By: clouded@hellokitty [ Visit clouded's blog ]
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High Warlord Amused <Limbo> Gorefiend-PvP this ain't no joke i'm going to play me some hello kitty if i get into the closed beta

Tags: wow world of warcraft amused mmorpg limbo huglord
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