Twilight Obsession
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lovelikerawr@hellokitty (3 years ago)
._. I still don't understand how people
can like this series.. :\. I attempted to
read the first book.. got half way
through... and couldn't take anymore.
Nice song though!^^

melindavang@hellokitty (3 years ago)
waaa!Twilight omg i love you Edward n Bella

umm...helllo ?? team jacob!!!!! he is
way more cute than that pale icky blood
sucking british vampire poor jacob he
loved bella and all he got was a kiss if i
was bella i would marry jacob instead of
a ugly tortured dude lol and
milly9_2010@hellokitty u r really mean i
would hate u but i also dont kno u lol :)
jk :)

vhick0929@hellokitty (3 years ago)
I Love EdwARD!!!!!

vhick0929@hellokitty (3 years ago)
I Love EdwARD!!!!!


caramelxe@mymelody (4 years ago)
Not alound to read/watch twilight but as
soon as I can this video is so inspiring

tyratauro@hellokitty (4 years ago)
omg i love twighlight so cool rockin

And one more little thing, TEAM JACOB!!!!!

*Team Jacob is completely logical, he does
not sparkle and we ALL know that that's a
very good thing!*

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About this video
01:49 (6 years ago)
By: lil_pink1994@hellokitty [ Visit lil_pink1994's blog ]
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This is a video dedicated to Twilight fans! I hope you all enjoy! Please leave comments and tell all your friends to watch my video. Thanks for watching! The song is: Sold Me by Seether. *No rude or negative comments please*

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