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star2099@hellokitty (7 years ago)
thanks everyone

Awesome pictures! OMG! They are so
colorful! If they had a contest for best
colorful wonderful extravagant marvelous
beautiful genuine fantastic perfect
pictures video, I would give 100 blue
ribbons! Fantastic job Star!

ms_aileen@mymelody (7 years ago)
beautiful pictures!

chica45@hellokitty (7 years ago)
beautyful rainbows wormy!

slide no1 my sis has hat worm she
carries it around its creepy

star2099@hellokitty (7 years ago)
Aww thanks guys... to create this video I
started with the music first then looked
for inspiring pictures and then I chose
the graphic(s) that best goes with the
picture! Go with things you love and you
cant go wrong. ^_^

kate181035@kuririnmail (7 years ago)
that is beautiful!

shesroyaltee@hellokitty (7 years ago)
Yay congrats Wormy! xD

shinelly@kuririnmail (7 years ago)
This is so wonderful.
Inspiring, unique, I could never create a
video as beauitful as this.
You might be the cause to make me stay in
sanriotown for a lil more time. :)

tamaara_ups@mymelody (7 years ago)

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03:16 (7 years ago)
By: star2099@hellokitty [ Visit star2099's blog ]
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I hope you enjoy this... please comment and rate ^_^

Tags: over mymelody fun wormy colors rainbow hawaiian colorful hellokitty hello kitty cute
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