Charmmy Kitty Animation Trailer
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gr8 and cute

h_genie@kuririnmail (4 years ago)

clarapak@mymelody (6 years ago)
Charmmy Kitty is so cute! Great job!!!

catgirlpink@hellokitty (6 years ago)
I desperately want to see Charmmy Kitty
TV & movies! I have looked all over
eBay and searched with Google to find
Charmmy Kitty DVDs, but I can't find
anything. Has anyone seen one anywhere?

rei_kuassary@hellokitty (7 years ago)
I don't really know... ^_^ I just find
it really cute...

carlymodel@hellokitty (7 years ago)
wow i wanna see it, whats the name of
the movie?

wailing_shing@mymelody (7 years ago)

Oh wow, where'd you get this?

gentatsu@mymelody (7 years ago)
yeah its cute ^_^

shij@kuririnmail (7 years ago)
cute... what's the title of the official
animation on this?

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About this video
01:35 (7 years ago)
By: rei_kuassary@hellokitty [ Visit rei_kuassary's blog ]
Views: 4558

Hello Kitty steps aside to allow her pet cat "Charmmy" to be the star of the show!

Tags: trailer charmmy movie kitty charmmy kitty animation
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