HKOEvent: Trick or Treat
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bride20@hellokitty (10 years ago)
this vid is so cute!!! you got both the
cuteness and scary feeling with this's your first video and it's great!

vampzzz@kuririnmail (10 years ago)
sweet lOL~~~LOL~~~im in ur vid LOl 0=]
nice ne~~~

malyne_lulu@hellokitty (10 years ago)
wow nice vid! and it is your first. like
the sound effects

ripplecloud@hellokitty (10 years ago)
i like the sound effects ;)

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About this video
02:47 (10 years ago)
By: chickling@hellokitty [ Visit chickling's blog ]
Views: 5934

I made this video for the Frightspinners Event ^^ Its my first video and I'm pretty excited hehe~~ In game name: Chickling

Tags: hkoevent
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