Cinnamoroll's Christmas Treat
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cutiepie1000@hellokitty (8 years ago)
awsome i love it! :)

li_amy@kuririnmail (9 years ago)
so good!!!!!

brb1006@mymelody (9 years ago)
and sorry about the mean things i said
you did good but you the best at mocha
on the mermaid one i love her so much

brb1006@mymelody (9 years ago)
can you email me i love your
cinnamoroll videos i saw the mermaid
one can you make a part's for the movie
the little puppy starring mocha

Sorry about the snowman I thought it
would make it more Christmas style. I
can delete it if you like.

mandy_huynh@hellokitty (9 years ago)
very good exept the sno man is
covering everything

brb1006@mymelody I'm sorry it doesn't
work for you but did you read the
instructions? they tell you how to see the
video. this is the best I could do to stop
it from buffering. But if you have any
ideas how to stop it could you please
comment or e-mail me thank you :)

well I got it from google images when I
looked up "cinnamoroll" I'm sorry I could
not tell you more but I can't remember

brb1006@mymelody (9 years ago)
strawberry my melody where did you
get the pic at slide 23 with cinnamon
looking mad

brb1006@mymelody (9 years ago)
aman to that selana no affonce
strawberry my melody

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About this video
03:44 (9 years ago)
By: strawberry_cinnamoroll@mymelody [ Visit strawberry_cinnamoroll's blog ]
Views: 7521

INSTRUCTIONS Ok I allmost got it right but you have to skip to slide 9 than slide 8 than slide 7 than 6 and go back to 5 and you can watch it until you get to slide 9 than skip to slide 11 than 10 and it should work until slide 45 but thats the 2nd last slide so it doesn't realy matter sorry you have to do this just to watch this video

Tags: strawberrycupcakes
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