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Yet another Cinnamoroll and Mocha video, but this video is actually dedicated to Andrea (also known as andeng in here) since it's her birthday, and it's Valentines Day! The song is Can't Help Falling In Love by the A-Teens.

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A little video I made because I was bored with nothing to do. I only made up to 9 slides because, like always, it's not very easy to draw in MS Paint. I used the Airbrush just for some effect. This video's about a bunny called Yellow, and his friend, Pink. Hope you enjoy, anyway.

Length: 01:00 Created 4 years ago
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Only two more days until Christmas! And the Internet is finally back! I was going to make a video on December 25, but we'd be too busy attending Christmas parties. So, I decided I'd make a video right now. Instead of using pictures, I'll make it special by drawing the pictures myself. But only up to 12 slides are my limit. Drawing in MS Paint isn't that easy, you know. And I've been waiting to use this song! I know it's Last Christmas again, but it's the one I've been looking for! Who would have thought it was sung by Cascada? Yay! So, anyway, I hope you enjoy and advanced Merry Christmas!

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Drawing in MS Paint sure is hard! Anyway, I made another Love Story, but it's Mocha who's the main character here. Since I've been addicted to the song of Last Christmas, I kept on singing it at school when the idea came to me. A Love Story of Mocha! It's a bit like my Last Christmas video, but this vid has some resamblance to my other video, "Cinnamoroll and Usahana's Love". But that had some wrong grammer and such. (Especially in the description!) So, I made this an improved version. I changed the song "Everytime we Touch (Slow)" to "Breakaway" by Kelly Clarkson, so I can use a different song instead of always "Everytime we Touch". Oh, and some of you may have noticed that Chiffon is usually the one that interrupts, but Chiffon is the only girl that could rival Mocha, so don't go hating Chiffon. Anyway, hope you enjoy! (I never knew Mocha and Espresso could be together, though!)

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After weeks of not logging into SanrioTown, I thought I'd make a video, and post it here. I know the song I used is "Last Christmas" by Mariah Carey, like in my other video "Merry Christmas to SanrioTown". I know the song is the same, but I couldn't find the song that is NOT a remix. To tell you the truth, I got inspired by watching a video from YouTube and so I thought I'd make one myself - Cinnamoroll's version! I surprisingly put a lot of effort in this, despite of how easy the video looks. Anyhow, it's not Christmas yet, but Christmas is only a few months away, right? Consider this as an "Early Christmas Greeting" instead. Oh, yes, the video focuses on Cinnamoroll liking a pink Cinnamoroll, but the pink Cinnamoroll likes the blue Cinnamoroll, so Cinnamoroll runs off with Mocha instead. (Cinnamoroll and Mocha video! HINT! HINT!) So, there we go. I hope you all enjoy it!

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I downloaded this last night from the Internet, not YouTube. If you want to download it too, then you can search it in Google. :D It's a little flash idea what is was called again.It was kinda cute, so I thought I'd upload it. They say it's a game, but who knows? I only discovered it last night. ENJOY~~

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I did this because of boredom. I used the song: Waka Laka. :)

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The first time I ever used clips. I made this using Windows Movie Maker, thanks to HyperCam. Glad it doesn't make Movie Maker hang like Zdsoft. Anyway, I used the song Best Friend by Toybox. Since I had many pictures of the cute Pichu, I added the song of Caramelldansen. (I'm suddenly getting annoyed by that song already.) So, I hope you like it! :)

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This was so cute, I had to upload it! (This video is not mine. I just got this from youtube.)

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We Are POP*CANDY! ^_^ ( This video is not mine. I just got this from youtube.)

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