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A beautiful collection of pigs from Artist Collection - The Pig

Length: 01:08 Created 4 years ago
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or crocheted bear head cupcakes -- the song is "Sugar Shack". From Wikipedia or Wiktionary amigurumi translates from the japanese to english as: knitted stuffed toy.

Length: 01:59 Created 5 years ago
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This is a video, all about mocha!!! Hope you love it! I worked realy hard on it!!!! :3 BTW i drew it all on paint!

Length: 01:05 Created 4 years ago
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This a cool AMV

Tags: fun cute
Length: 03:34 Created 7 years ago
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Cinnamorall has a train, so he will be taking you to a place. In this one he will be taking you to a zoo^^

Length: 01:04 Created 6 years ago
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Merry Christmas Kitty!And Happy New Year!Have a great Christmas with all your Sanrio friends!!! :D

Length: 01:27 Created 6 years ago
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They are pictures of Hello Kitty and they are in little and old order. I hope you like it. :)

Length: 01:34 Created 5 years ago
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| -PoweredbySanrio- Sanrio's Tuner Crew|Leader Lisa's Rx-7| |Representing Sanrio fans to the fullest| Updated June 24, 2008

Length: 03:25 Created 6 years ago
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My husband is in Basic and I know what the future will hold. He will go to war and we will be apart. I love him so much and know he is my soulmate without a doubt. He has ALWAYS been my hero! He is my everything. Hope you enjoy this lil video. The song is by Avril Lavigne and it is When Your Gone.

Length: 01:20 Created 6 years ago
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Amazing pics of the home of Hello Kitty and Sanrio- TOKYO, JAPAN!

Length: 01:25 Created 5 years ago
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