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Yummy some delicious looking kyandii some of my fave ones. Kyandii is japanese for candy or sweets.

Length: 01:53 Created 5 years ago
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Hope you enjoy the video! Sorry it took so long to make the second one, but i think it turned out pretty good! If you like the 2nd one then I would be more than happy to make a 3rd one. ^_^

Length: 01:50 Created 6 years ago
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super awsomeee~ :D i worked hard on it! xD

Length: 00:41 Created 4 years ago
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Happy Birthday Snowy Budgie Its is her 1st birthday on August 6th 2008 she was born August 6th 2007. So I hope you enjoy the video And another happy birthday to my little friend!

Length: 01:18 Created 6 years ago
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Baby harp seals need our help they get abused and clubbed in Canada for hardly any reason just look at them! how could they not love these helpless little seals! They are 1 of my favourite animals.

Length: 00:53 Created 5 years ago
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Anyone up for some chocolate?

Length: 02:25 Created 4 years ago
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All about my favorite Sanrio Character, Nyago! This is my first video ever, so don't be too harsh.. I love comments! n_n I know it's pretty short but it took me a long time, actually. (:

Length: 00:28 Created 7 years ago
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I hope u enjoy my video! I don't really know much about these foods or how to make them, but I just think they look really neat and cute and I hope you think that too.if you want to see more they are from =D

Length: 01:55 Created 6 years ago
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Yummy and cute bento enjoy x

Length: 04:44 Created 5 years ago
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Some beautiful shots from switzerland dont you wish you could live here?? rate 1 to 5 by 1 ugly and 5 beautiful. If you like so much add to fave list and be sure to comment. Thnx!

Length: 01:28 Created 6 years ago
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