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Delicious AND cute ! Enjoy :-)

Length: 01:17 Created 5 years ago
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I thought I can contribute a few of these dessert treats.

Length: 02:07 Created 4 years ago
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Rating: 19
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These aren't actually mine. I found these on Flickr and just had to share these pictures with you!

Length: 02:35 Created 4 years ago
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This is like my other video Hello Kitty Bento Food and more except it has the other sanrio characters!

Length: 01:56 Created 4 years ago
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Rating: 10
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Hello Kitty Based Food (please add comments nice ones)(not rude ones lol thx for watching)

Length: 00:55 Created 6 years ago
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Rating: 9
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not all cheesecakes are for one person only -- yes, they are -- only for me! These look fantastic. The MP3 I am trying is "Obsession"

Length: 02:15 Created 4 years ago
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What Hello Kitty wants to bake! I not sure about this music . . . "Love is Strange". Maybe I try harder to find another song.

Length: 02:18 Created 4 years ago
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I would love to sample all of these this Christmas! Quintessence give us "Marshmallow World".

Length: 01:30 Created 5 years ago
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You Tube has lots of Luna the Fashion Cat. She may have a face only a mother could love but most girls should find her to be one of the most adorable animals on YouTube. I put the first MP3 I found on my list -- Selena Gomez "Naturally" and I will most likely change it to something more suited to Luna.

Length: 00:56 Created 3 years ago
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I wish I could eat this video up!

Length: 02:10 Created 4 years ago
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