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A gallery of cute cupcakes! enjoy:) p.s. this is not a copy of "Kawaii Kupcakes", i promise:)

Length: 01:30 Created 5 years ago
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Wouldn't ya just love to eat all of these?? It's the Sweetest Thing!

Length: 03:12 Created 4 years ago
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this video is about me!!!!! please comment & rate! ( i don't mind if you put things like "i don't like your video" i don't mind but if u swear or something i'll delete it. Millydoom xx aka Mouse?

Length: 00:25 Created 5 years ago
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where can I find more Sugar Bunnies? and why aren't there more Sugar Bunny videos?

Length: 02:30 Created 6 years ago
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A whole lot of Hello Kitty Kawaii!

Length: 00:40 Created 5 years ago
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today cinnamoroll makes cinnamon rolls! pleez comment & rate. thnx

Length: 01:25 Created 5 years ago
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early in the morning

Length: 02:12 Created 4 years ago
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Coca Cola has how much sugar? The result might shock the video

Length: 01:52 Created 4 years ago
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a perfect video for sugar lovers: Chocolate, pinkberry yogurt, candy &MORE!!!!

Length: 01:35 Created 5 years ago
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These are some of my favorite pictures! They include: Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Hello Kitty, Vanessa Hudgens, Pikachu, Sugar Bunnies, Cinnamonroll, and so much more! The song is: Two Worlds Collide by: Demi Lovato! Please comment, rate, and favorite!

Length: 02:05 Created 5 years ago
View: 1381
Rating: 5
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