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Hellokitty's Birthday is November 1! I wanted to Celebrate her birthday with an early birthday bash with my Stuffed toys! I am singing this song... I also wrote it... (Sorry if I sound a bit out of tune...) I'd just like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY HELLOKITTY!

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I collect hello kitty candy and miscellaneous, but I found that I have a lot more hello kitty stuff than I thought! This is my hello kitty... Enjoy, and let me know what u think!

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I have way too much time on my hands and i really like postcards plus these will be sent to people on postcrossing who want handmade postcards and hopefully with more practice it wont look like a kid made them like the ones you see here

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This is my HK collection. Even though Kitty White is not one of my favorite Sanrio characters I decided to own a small collection of her. otakutron5 is my Youtube username. EDIT: After the picture of the 2 gift cards there's a picture of a shirt, sorry that each pic last like 10 seconds.

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Here are most of my Hello Kitty things!

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