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Well, it's not really her birthday song but I found it on the internet by an artist called cori (never heard of her) but it was relevant! Enjoy!

Length: 02:53 Created 10 years ago
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Tells the joy of when I became a big sister and when my little sister was born!!

Length: 03:07 Created 11 years ago
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Some artist performing a song about Hello Kitty, but I don't understand the language, sounds nice though

Length: 03:38 Created 12 years ago
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Cinderella's "A Dream is a Wish" as sung by the Disney Channel Circle of Stars

Length: 03:45 Created 11 years ago
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I DO NOT OWN THIS!!!! I DO NOT OWN ANY TV SHOW OR ANIME OR CARTOON!!! I AM SIMPLY SHOWING A VIDEO!!! I LOVE this song, this anime, the manga, the characters, everthing about this show!!!!! It's all so kawaii!!!

Length: 01:41 Created 10 years ago
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A My Melody Theme song from the anime.Please Comment and rate! CopyRight:I DO NOT OWN MY MELODY OR ANY OTHER SANRIO CREATIONS OR CHArACTERS!!!!THIS IS NOT MINE!

Length: 01:05 Created 11 years ago
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Drawing in MS Paint sure is hard! Anyway, I made another Love Story, but it's Mocha who's the main character here. Since I've been addicted to the song of Last Christmas, I kept on singing it at school when the idea came to me. A Love Story of Mocha! It's a bit like my Last Christmas video, but this vid has some resamblance to my other video, "Cinnamoroll and Usahana's Love". But that had some wrong grammer and such. (Especially in the description!) So, I made this an improved version. I changed the song "Everytime we Touch (Slow)" to "Breakaway" by Kelly Clarkson, so I can use a different song instead of always "Everytime we Touch". Oh, and some of you may have noticed that Chiffon is usually the one that interrupts, but Chiffon is the only girl that could rival Mocha, so don't go hating Chiffon. Anyway, hope you enjoy! (I never knew Mocha and Espresso could be together, though!)

Length: 01:22 Created 9 years ago
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hey everyone havn't made a video in awhile so well here we go lol. it's finished XD but i will probally add more later lolz. btw check out my youtube! it's ilyssaluvsyou! i have some kick butt vids on there :P and there all real amv's so yay! no slideshows lolz. kk well byez! if u want a pic just tell me!

Length: 01:20 Created 9 years ago
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We Are POP*CANDY! ^_^ ( This video is not mine. I just got this from youtube.)

Length: 03:36 Created 10 years ago
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Hope you like Rihanna, and here is her song Unfaithful!!!!! enjoy and comment and Rate!!! Peace!!! xoxo

Length: 01:36 Created 11 years ago
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