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Welcome to the Animal Adoption center where you can adopt free pets. Post a comment below and tell me which pet you want. You can name it too. Post the desired name as well. Feel free and suggest some animals to me and I will try and place it here in this vid. Don't suggest hard-to-draw animals coz I'm not that advanced. Don't expect fast responses since I have school!! Also, when you adopt a pet, you will recieve email from me saying you successfully adopted it like on some other sites. And...when you did not name your pet yet, it could be taken by someone else. Got that? Thank you very much! ^_^ ( Note: Idea from puppie_luv) Note: SORRY, EVERYONE. I'm currently not accepting any requests at the moment. I'll probably open it up again, though. Thanks!

Length: 02:50 Created 5 years ago
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Enjoy random stuff!

Length: 00:35 Created 5 years ago
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this video is about me!!!!! please comment & rate! ( i don't mind if you put things like "i don't like your video" i don't mind but if u swear or something i'll delete it. Millydoom xx aka Mouse?

Length: 00:25 Created 5 years ago
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a collection of funny pics from club penguin. Enjoy

Length: 00:26 Created 5 years ago
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do look at this . . . an explanation IS in order.

Length: 01:42 Created 4 years ago
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These are all real in Malaysia.!

Length: 01:06 Created 4 years ago
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This is the first ever adoption center I make and the first ever pokemon adoption center! Just read How to adopt a pokemon and it's all yours! You can have from Fire pokemon like Charmander, to pokemon like Mew!(We have no big pokemon) We got new pokemon! BIG NEWS: A new adoption center for bigger pokemon will open in a few weeks! It will have pokemon like Raichu, Charzard, Zapdos, even Mewtwo! More Pokemon Coming Soon!

Length: 04:32 Created 3 years ago
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Go to: www. club

Length: 01:59 Created 7 years ago
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The Madagascar Penguins show some holiday spirit

Length: 12:10 Created 7 years ago
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The time has come . . . a work in progress. Ruby is now added. And then -- their names are added!

Length: 05:43 Created 2 years ago
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