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The secret life of stuffed animals: at midnight when the clock strikes 12 the secret life of stuffed animals are revealed. The animals sneek off to a pet dance party hosted by yours truely Cinnamoroll! (I was up 2:00 in the morning till 8:00 am!) I'm not even tired!!! Thanks to "polkadotrn" for inspiring me:

Length: 00:58 Created 5 years ago
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Hope you enjoy the video! Sorry it took so long to make the second one, but i think it turned out pretty good! If you like the 2nd one then I would be more than happy to make a 3rd one. ^_^

Length: 01:50 Created 6 years ago
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Hellokitty's Birthday is November 1! I wanted to Celebrate her birthday with an early birthday bash with my Stuffed toys! I am singing this song... I also wrote it... (Sorry if I sound a bit out of tune...) I'd just like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY HELLOKITTY!

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Hey every1 im back from my looooong break. i know i used this song already on one of my videos but im just putting it for now until i find a better song so anyways hope u enjoy the video and hope u have a great halloween :] Happy 35th birthday Hello Kitty and Mimmy!!

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It's Cinnamoroll's turn to shine, in the Sanrio Spotlight! 6 March, Cinnamoroll is throwing herself a big birthday party at the Cafe Cinnamon! Join your favorite characters, and Cinnamoroll and enjoy todays special!

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Hope u enjoy!:3

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I wanna be Hello Kitty! with a few dogs too. "Purrfectly" is from Selena Gomez.

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Hope you enjoy and rate and comment!!!

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this is the first slide show i made. it is on youtube right now cuz i had it there first so then i put it here! Enjoy! song is not that great though :)

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luv her i am listen to selena gomez music now reaally!!!!!

Length: 01:11 Created 3 years ago
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