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I can't resist making these every now and then. Have a good time while listening to "Just Dance" by Lady Gaga.

Length: 03:32 Created 5 years ago
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I was looking these over and found many of them to be funny and clever. I have also added a couple of my own "kittehs"! The Wal Mart chihuahua is actually asleep. These pictures are from: www.I Can Has -- no spaces, caps are not required.

Length: 03:30 Created 5 years ago
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Please do not abandon kitties...We found 3 kittens abandoned in an alley, locked in a cage with no water. They would have died.

Length: 01:12 Created 3 years ago
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"Miracle Milk" is the music for now under a mix of Tiffany's- Andromeda's-Mitsu's- Radinka's-Eclissi's-Jazzmin's kittens. All the kittens are: Annabelle-Emille-Tiny Bubbles-Opalina-Miss Stripe-Remy- Tinkerbell-Julius-Georgio-Cappucino-Frenchy-Marzipan-Heather-Starbuck-Kuromi

Length: 02:32 Created 5 years ago
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After Taters passed away, I got 2 new kittens from my dad's friend, Butterscotch and Scooter. Please enjoy!

Length: 01:32 Created 5 years ago
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lots of prickly little kitties -- cute! cute! cute! Shania Twain sings "Gonna Getcha Good".

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Roses are Red, Violets are Blue. Kittens are Cute, but I don't know about you!! Hahaha...just Kidding!

Length: 01:11 Created 7 years ago
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more of this wonderful white cat in pink clothing. The title of the song should be changed to "The Pink Hello Kitty of Malibu" by the Downtowners. Of course she doesn't have red hair it is a red bow on white fur as we all know.

Length: 01:52 Created 3 years ago
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this is the first slide show i made. it is on youtube right now cuz i had it there first so then i put it here! Enjoy! song is not that great though :)

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I treated the cat on the cover of this children's book to look like my cat, Spooky. Spooky ticks on! The music is a silly japanese song sung by some girls . . . it is supposedly titled "Cats on Mars" -- I doubt it, tho.

Length: 02:23 Created 4 years ago
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