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I am putting this back for your enjoyment and I will not be adopting out anymore of these: ***ADOPTIONS ON THIS SLIDESHOW VIDEO ARE SOOO CLOSED*** Shania Twain: "Gonna Getcha Good".

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More pix of Periwinkle were needed and have been invented so sit back and enjoy the show. This is Jazzmin's kitty. We wish him a speedy recovery and all the other kitties will miss him at their home.

Length: 04:24 Created 5 years ago
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do look at this . . . an explanation IS in order.

Length: 01:42 Created 4 years ago
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By Tristan the one-eyed cat. All about Tristans ficticious imaginary kittens that he had in a previous video. the song is "Lollipop" by the Chordettes.

Length: 02:10 Created 5 years ago
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This is my big girl, Jazzmin, who I borrow the name of for my user ID everywhere and anywhere. She is a odd-eyed angora type with a flame atop her head. She has given me 8 other kitties: Pepper - Suzi - Comet - Sugar Cookie - Foxtail - Opalina - Stripe. Briney mp3 clip is from "I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman."

Length: 00:45 Created 4 years ago
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The time has come . . . a work in progress. Ruby is now added. And then -- their names are added!

Length: 05:43 Created 2 years ago
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She has been studying for months for her presentation. Zoe will videotape her for Rodan's consideration. "All the Things She Said" in instrumental is the mp3 of choice.

Length: 02:35 Created 3 years ago
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my girl has at long last cooperated long enough for a small bit of movie. the mp3 should be Cyndi Lauper singing: True Colors.

Length: 00:48 Created 3 years ago
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a few candid pics of mom and daughter. "Popsicle Orange" is the music.

Length: 01:00 Created 4 years ago
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a lot of sweet babies in this kitten kollage! Baby Buttercup, Raichu Ragdoll, Dolly, Jabberwocky, Sugar Cookie, Comet, Wanda, Andromeda & Cheerful are Jazzmin's kits. The music is "Miracle Milk".

Length: 02:29 Created 5 years ago
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