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I am putting this back for your enjoyment and I will not be adopting out anymore of these: ***ADOPTIONS ON THIS SLIDESHOW VIDEO ARE SOOO CLOSED*** Shania Twain: "Gonna Getcha Good".

Tags: melody you strawberry honey pets maimo acrylic my kawaii ilyssaluvsyou fun ava green animals products pinkdoggy128 meow kuromi jessica10 fur name anneprejean pomeranian black hello gray love dress sanrio jazzmin babycinnamon1 pomeranians cat bffswithmycuz2 2009 adoption cactus hannah furry super puppy fancy whitey nekonekonurse pretty dog cartoon fall120 toys loveable foxfyre1 shania soft white sparkle bear bows sweet lavandar could music kitty smoochy flower this renthehedgehog daqti97 mp3 mooky bright bunny cats suziwu character enjoy ragdoll summer 8bone8 bee blossom jobros zoani pup be inezbffam superstar2020 bears cute grey kuromi123 cokacola24 pink gabbilu hedgehog cool center blue adorable girls dolls shinelly prickly dreams beautiful hattitude bffswithmycuz twain shop rabbit big remiah16 annedrommida animal happy
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Hellokitty's Birthday is November 1! I wanted to Celebrate her birthday with an early birthday bash with my Stuffed toys! I am singing this song... I also wrote it... (Sorry if I sound a bit out of tune...) I'd just like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY HELLOKITTY!

Length: 00:48 Created 5 years ago
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Lots of lovely dogs of various sizes -- so many choices; sweeties all!

Length: 02:30 Created 6 years ago
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Some pics of the cutest look ever! The "Princess look"! Not to be mistaken for lolitas, it is a part of the many gyaru/gal styles. ^_^

Length: 00:47 Created 5 years ago
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Lots of dogs dress up for Spring!

Length: 02:12 Created 6 years ago
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A man and his true love.

Length: 00:48 Created 7 years ago
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Dedicated to Kasandra and me- BFFS

Length: 03:29 Created 6 years ago
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mew mew mew listen to a midi clip of LoveCats - - - these are right on time for Halloween parties.

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You Tube has lots of Luna the Fashion Cat. She may have a face only a mother could love but most girls should find her to be one of the most adorable animals on YouTube. I put the first MP3 I found on my list -- Selena Gomez "Naturally" and I will most likely change it to something more suited to Luna.

Length: 00:56 Created 3 years ago
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