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The Life of Kitty & Daniel

Length: 00:25 Created 12 years ago
View: 40024
Rating: 285
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My contest entry for the December Sanrio's Yummies Cooking Contest (: --Check out my blog for more details

Length: 00:47 Created 10 years ago
View: 16511
Rating: 97
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Here's a short clip of the upcoming Hello Kitty and Friends Animation! Counting down to the year 2007! Enjoy! :)

Length: 01:22 Created 12 years ago
View: 17318
Rating: 72
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The Dream Wedding of February 14, 2007

Length: 03:20 Created 12 years ago
View: 39973
Rating: 57
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Merry Christmas Kitty!And Happy New Year!Have a great Christmas with all your Sanrio friends!!! :D

Length: 01:27 Created 11 years ago
View: 25968
Rating: 29
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I made this because I want my family to know I WUV Them There are still more pictures of myfamily the whole thing I just didn't want this to be long Tell me how you like it PART II COMMING SOON

Length: 02:30 Created 12 years ago
View: 12880
Rating: 33
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A trailer featuring Hello Kitty & Friends in full 3D animation. find out more at

Length: 01:18 Created 10 years ago
View: 6074
Rating: 23
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my kitty is so cute. Oh! i love him.

Length: 00:40 Created 12 years ago
View: 6324
Rating: 18
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A gallery of cute cupcakes! enjoy:) p.s. this is not a copy of "Kawaii Kupcakes", i promise:)

Length: 01:30 Created 9 years ago
View: 8851
Rating: 19
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What a couple!

Length: 02:19 Created 11 years ago
View: 4267
Rating: 14
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