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The secret life of stuffed animals: at midnight when the clock strikes 12 the secret life of stuffed animals are revealed. The animals sneek off to a pet dance party hosted by yours truely Cinnamoroll! (I was up 2:00 in the morning till 8:00 am!) I'm not even tired!!! Thanks to "polkadotrn" for inspiring me:

Length: 00:58 Created 10 years ago
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Here's a short clip of the upcoming Hello Kitty and Friends Animation! Counting down to the year 2007! Enjoy! :)

Length: 01:22 Created 12 years ago
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A little Story I created. With My melody & Cinamoroll

Length: 01:08 Created 11 years ago
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Welcome to the Cinnamoroll Shelter!! Here you can adopt a Cinnamoroll. (I got the idea from Pauline_2008) You can only adopt 2!! Also,you can comment or email but I like the comments more. Just say which one you want with the name!! If you can't think of a name for it I can put it on hold for 1 day!! You dont really get the cinnamoroll!! Just on the Video!! Also, I might not reply about ur adoption right away because im rarely online... I WILL KEEP ADDING CINNAMOROLLS!!!

Length: 04:43 Created 10 years ago
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C'est le film du Cinnamoroll. Tres mignon Sanrio!

Length: 00:37 Created 12 years ago
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This is a video, all about mocha!!! Hope you love it! I worked realy hard on it!!!! :3 BTW i drew it all on paint!

Length: 01:05 Created 8 years ago
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Cinnamoroll in the Mario Brothers Game really funny

Length: 01:13 Created 11 years ago
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| -PoweredbySanrio- Sanrio's Tuner Crew|Leader Lisa's Rx-7| |Representing Sanrio fans to the fullest| Updated June 24, 2008

Length: 03:25 Created 11 years ago
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Amazing pics of the home of Hello Kitty and Sanrio- TOKYO, JAPAN!

Length: 01:25 Created 9 years ago
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From the Sanriotown Admins ^_^

Length: 00:36 Created 12 years ago
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