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My contest entry for the December Sanrio's Yummies Cooking Contest (: --Check out my blog for more details

Length: 00:47 Created 5 years ago
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After Taters passed away, I got 2 new kittens from my dad's friend, Butterscotch and Scooter. Please enjoy!

Length: 01:32 Created 5 years ago
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Welcome to the Mimmy Adoption Center!! Here you can adopt a Mimmy. To get one tell me what slide its on in an e-mail or comment and what you want to name it. Mimmy is Kitty's twin sister. Hope you like it and adopt!!!

Length: 01:25 Created 5 years ago
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They ARE Too Cool there is evidence all over the place! Song Do I have to answer?:Too Cool By Meghan J. Martin

Length: 02:52 Created 3 years ago
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Hope you enjoy! Please comment, and have and absolutly purr-fect day!

Length: 01:00 Created 5 years ago
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open your mouth for the sweetest things you will see here at Sanriotown's Dream Studio. Don't you want all of these cakes???? I must have classic buttercream frosting.

Length: 01:38 Created 2 years ago
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She has been studying for months for her presentation. Zoe will videotape her for Rodan's consideration. "All the Things She Said" in instrumental is the mp3 of choice.

Length: 02:35 Created 3 years ago
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Here are my kittens. I add new pictures often. Please comment my video and please rate it! Thank you.

Length: 01:09 Created 5 years ago
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Reese's Peanut Butter Cups commercial. Cute. There's no wrong way to eat a Reese's! ^^

Length: 00:29 Created 7 years ago
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Have you ever seen... butter fly? shell fish? milk shake? butter finger? chick pea? bell hop?

Length: 01:25 Created 4 years ago
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