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What does My Melody have to say in regard to dental health?

Length: 00:42 Created 7 years ago
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Check out Badtz Maru featured as XO Man!

Length: 01:01 Created 7 years ago
View: 131257
Rating: 69
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Let's see what Badtz Maru is up to!

Length: 00:54 Created 7 years ago
View: 14468
Rating: 68
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Yes! Ponii's Adventures part 2! Since some people in my "Ponii's Adventures" video requested to make another one, so here it is! Hope ya enjoy! Sorry if it's late though. I've been busy with other websites. Anyways, Ponii is not anymore a pony, but a pegasus now. Since being just a normal pony seems boring, doesn't it? Also, the reason why I made her a pegasus is that I was wondering: "What would she look like is Ponii had wings?" So, there ya go. The song I used is the original CaramellDansen. The ones I usually use were "Speedycake remix". ^^

Length: 01:44 Created 5 years ago
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Rating: 8
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-Posted at the Sanriotown Blog- "Now buy the game for $24.99 and receive 20,000 Sanrio Loyalty Points to be used in Hello Kitty Online!"

Length: 00:46 Created 4 years ago
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Meet this cute little kitten,Marie! Marie is a cute little kitten who is very famous.Her typical quote is "Shut Up!I'm famous!". Yet this kitten may seem a little snobby,but always cute!!!! She say's she a lady.Her talent is singing and going on adventures with her brothers.

Length: 00:45 Created 2 years ago
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samples of The Adventures of Hello Kitty and Friends 3d animation

Length: 00:10 Created 7 years ago
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The adventures of robot and me ^_^

Length: 00:15 Created 1 year ago
View: 715
Rating: 3
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If you play build-a-bearville you'll love talking to me in HKO ^_^

Length: 00:10 Created 3 years ago
View: 1785
Rating: 4
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Length: 00:31 Created 7 years ago
View: 1521
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