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r these your photos?????

votrepetitchat@hellokitty (11 years ago)
Thanks and hope you enjoy it :)

filipinogirl@hellokitty (11 years ago)
aww so cute!5 stars and also...

to my favorites!

votrepetitchat@hellokitty (12 years ago)
Thanks a lot ^^

woodlandfairy@hellokitty (12 years ago)
i luv the music and the picturs

votrepetitchat@hellokitty (12 years ago)
hobby ^^

ysiu@hellokitty (12 years ago)
is this a dazzling moment entry or just
a hobby entry?

dancedanceluv@hellokitty (12 years ago)
It was good but the slides were too
long. Cool pictures :)

votrepetitchat@hellokitty (12 years ago)
Thanks ^^

inkerink@hellokitty (12 years ago)
i love it

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03:05 (12 years ago)
By: votrepetitchat@hellokitty [ Visit votrepetitchat's blog ]
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Taipei zoo

Tags: animal zoo
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