frou frou - let go
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harajuku_lin@kuririnmail (10 years ago)

luaaa@hellokitty (10 years ago)
well at least youve changed the
description thing of it now so its not
saying "this is art ive done". and the
picture in the first slide isnt your
own. the photo probably is, the picture

90161010@hellokitty (10 years ago)
first off i did acouple things in this video,
and one of the slides that was
completely my art i deleted because
there were problems running, my art is
in the first slide, and the third slide on
the very left. and i took the picture in
the 8th slide on the left, and on the left
of the 9th slide i took that picture too.
i mean sure if you'd like some proof
baby ill give it to you.

luaaa@hellokitty (10 years ago)
oh your an idiot. ive seen the majority
of those pictures in magazines. some of
them were in an addidas advertisment.
and im sure if you were doing artwork
for addidas you wouldnt be wasting your
time on this. why dont you get some
pictures of the mona lisa and claim you
did those while your at it?

carlymodel@hellokitty (10 years ago)
really really good! (",)

valrox@hellokitty (10 years ago)
how do u make videos so good?!?!?!?!?

valrox@hellokitty (10 years ago)
this is kewl

bumblebeebuzz@hellokitty (10 years ago)

sakura_sparkle@hellokitty (10 years ago)
it's good !!!

ophe123@hellokitty (10 years ago)
i lyk your vids

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00:35 (10 years ago)
By: 90161010@hellokitty [ Visit 90161010's blog ]
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my AIM is x90161010 questions or anything take it to me. <3

Tags: graffiti art media japan me cute mixed
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